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Do you think I ought to re-new DBZ Yaoi Xmas disaster comic??? 

8 deviants said OMG!!! YESSSSS!!!
4 deviants said Wut? What is that???
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Spring Break!!!!! XD

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 20, 2015, 12:03 PM
Yaaaaaay!!! Spring break's *finally* here at last!!

Been super busy with the workload at the university. I'm in the animation class and drawing class which explains why I'm not submitting arts here very often. These classes required a serious dedication of my time.

Now that's Spring Break have arrived, I can finally do the things I so desperately wanted to do since January. That was the plan but... you know how universities are like. They given me piles and piles of assignments to do. 15-page term paper on dark matter, complete the month-long animation work, create a collage for drawing class (3 hrs effort), study for the upcoming art history exam and astronomy physics exam. Boo.

Welp! That's pretty much sums up my plans for Spring Break - studying. Double-boo.

At least, the bright side is my borther's upcoming wedding this Sunday. I'm the bridesmaid. Whoo-hoo. I've been looking forward to this wedding all semester long!

Cheerio! And happy Spring Break, everyone!! :wave:

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I am an artist and a writer who works with a very special muse.

Favorite genre of music: classic, rock-n-roll, pop
Favorite cartoon character: Vegeta, SpongeBob, Goku, Jonny Test
Personal Quote: Shoot where you aim to please

*Le gasp!* What's this?!

Fanfictions Coming Out This Fall!!!

All of the fanfictions contains YAOI (male x male pairing).
All of the fanfictions contains YAOI (male x male pairing).

News, news, READ all about it!!!!

Fanfictions - Coming Soon!!!

All of the fanfictions contains YAOI (male x male pairing).
All of the fanfictions contains YAOI (male x male pairing).

Gargoyles: Midnight Curse

Next featured story once Blondie and the Beast is complete. Sorry, no spoilers!!

Gargoyles: Midnight Curse Cover Colored by KrazyKat001

Burn 'N' Scar

(Vegeta X Goku)

A burned victim dumped in front of the hospital. The burned victim is revealed to be none other than Goku, barely alive and crippled. Haunted by nightmares of those who tortured him, his mind has became a fragile thing. Goku's family and friends shivers at the sight of him and shun him. All except Vegeta who later cares for him and love blossoms.

A Merman's Tale

(Vegeta X Goku)

Goku is the priest and Vegeta is the merman. 'Nuff said.

((I know many of you will roll your eyes at this but I was hugelyy inspired to write a mermaid story from Pirate of the Carribean. What's more, I wrote a day after watching the Pirate of the Carribean 4 from the theatre. Reading it now, I kinda roll my eyes but I'm still in love with it and I cried at the ending.))

Ghostbuster & the Era's Destroyer

Ghostbuster and the Era's Destroyer Cover by KrazyKat001

(Vegeta X Goku)

Pretend this is a Ghostbuster Universe where Goku is human and has no access to ki. Vegeta is the "Gozer." This is nearly a parody to the film, I will point out that Goku is "Dana" and the story focuses on his point of view only. Goku also has a wife, Chichi, and they are the happily newly wed couple who just moved into an apartment. Little do they know, their apartment is haunted by an demonic spirit who taken an interest in the newly-wed couple.

The Strong Survives and the Weak Perish

(Vegeta X Goku)

[AU] Vegeta, a strong, formidable and fierce captian of a military accompany and protect a small group of scientists. They has just arrived on the new planet filled with creatures and their jobs are to protect the scientists as they work on the new lifeforms on the planet. One conspiracy secret is being held behind Vegeta’s back. Scientists needed a live test subject for their new... research. “I know the perfect candidate... Send him in.” The captain is captured against his will and was tossed into the dark, cold room like a raged doll. He soon discovers he’s not alone…

Death Row

(Tora/Toma X Bardock)
((Collaboration story with :iconnaughtyangel1912:.))

Toma, punished for his crimes in the court of Vegetasei has been found guilty. He is given a life sentence in a prison, bind with ki cuffs which can never be removed. The ki cuffs cuts off any ki the saiyan holds. Tossed in the deepest part of jail, Death Row clearly sets a whole new meaning of 'hell.'

Shadow of a Prince

(Vegeta X Vegeta)

Vegeta storms down the corridor, seething in rage. Not only was he weaker than the third class clown, but he was no longer only prince of all Saiyans! Damn that onna and her infernal contraptions!! Vegeta has to tolerate living with another saiyajin prince, but little does he realizes, the other prince put a grand scheme in motion which will changes the lives of all living beings.

I was hugely disappointed on how very few there are of Vegeta X Vegeta stories on both and A very, very weird, yet awsome story that came to me one day. Surprisely, it's porn with plot. Lots and lots of porn with plot. And, at the moment, I made nine chapters and they're all rough draft. I might have to post this story on only.

Kitty no Ouji

(Vegeta X Mirai Vegeta)

A very old story I wrote back in high school. There is a huge conspiracy among the Z warriors, including Bulma. They made wishes. One, by accident, wished Vegeta to be a kitty. Second, to send Vegeta into another demension, where he is helpless and powerless. And what's more, he came across an abandoned demi-saiyan baby and sees a familiar flamed-haired figure stopping by.

Rise of the Majin Prince

(Majin Vegeta X Vegeta)

Title doesn't do justice. What if Vegeta was practicing Tien's move? What if the Majin inside never went away? What if his sparring partner turn against him? Vegeta fight back to protect both his pride and chastity!

Lake House

(Vegeta X Goku)

Ever saw the movie? Thought it was the most romantic story of all time? Well, guess what? Vegeta owns the lake house in 1996, and he recieved a letter from 2006. Goku, in 2006, recieve a letter of insults from 1996. The mailbox has a wormhole that interfers time and it connects these two strangers, decade apart, closer and closer. What Goku discovers, much to his horror, is that Vegeta in 2006 is a murderer and is on death penalty.

Missing Footage

(Goku X Vegeta)

Inspired by the Lost Tapes show. Vegeta, a veteran, teams up with a small militia group hired by a wealthy, unknown source. Each one has a video camera. They have one mission: find a mythical beast known as the Saiyajin Oozaru.

Past of No Return

(Vegeta X Goku)

After being rejected by an unrequited love, Vegeta made a wish that will change the course of history forever.

Sneak Peek:

Vegeta bellows, "I wish Kakarott had met me instead of that onna!"

"Your wish is granted." Vegeta witness the dragon's eyes glows, and he smirks in triumph. He peers back to watch the horror on Kakarott's face before everything shatters.

A teenage Bulma stopped on a hill, getting out of her vehicle to take in the breathtaking sight of the view. She takes out her newly made dragon radar. She discovers that a second dragonball is just a few miles ahead of her. She giggles in delight. "Oh wow, I'm getting so close!" A noise disrupt her mood and she turns her attention to the sound above. Her eyes widen at the sight of a sphere descending rapidly from the sky and crash in the distant not far from where she stands.

Crimson Moon

(Vegeta X Goku)

Wrong time, wrong place. At least, that what the Ouji thought when he corners his prey. But the timing couldn't be more perfect. He widen his smirk, glistening his sharp fangs under the dim streetlight. The prey whimpers helpless. Just as the flamed haired ouji leans down to his prey's neck, his mouth hovers over the pulping vein. A dark object flickers shadow. Vegeta eyes widen, noticing a furry appendage attacted to his prey. With a horrified shock, he steps back, "A saiyan...? It can't be." He shakes his head in mild denial. He thought he was the last of his kind. No...

Vegeta clenches his eyes shut, gritting his teeth. He is no longer considered a saiyan. He lost that birthright, his identity to that-that thing over a decade ago! Vegeta stare down at the terrified man with a sad glance. "Go. Leave! Get out of my sight!" The spiky haired man was stunned in place, paralyzed. He couldn't believe he was *this close* to killing the last pure-blooded saiyan on this planet. Perhaps the last of this universe. He held his head, walking away from his prey. For the first time in his new life, he lost his appetite. And, for the first time in his new life, his prey followed him. [ A Vampire fic.]

Past Gone Wired

(Vegeta X Goku)

((A weird plot came to me and this came out. Sneak Peek:

A wish was made, though unintentional. Memories of Vegeta from Gt timeline went back in time to the body he has on Namek, bloodied from his recent fight against Zarbon (who just reported back to Frieza around the time). Vegeta was shocked and horrified beyond belief of how he got himself in this predictament. He barely got on to his feet, holding his badly damaged arm and limply lifts himself into the air. His vision blurry then he remembers what happens next. He takes advantage of the fact that Zarbon will take him to the regen. He needed to think where to go from here. He complains how weak his body at this time and he couldn't achieve super saiyan. Then he quickly realizes that he now held the knowledge of attaining super saiyan. A smirk slowly spread across his feature, realizing just how much history can change if he attain super saiyan first.))

Enemy Mine

(Stargate Universe) - (Vegeta X Goku)

A G'uold Vegeta and a Harsises Goku (I'm aware I mispelled a couple here.) Goku works for the SG-1, intent on bringing down all G'uolds who believes themselves to be gods/goddesses of the universe. Goku is a captive to the dangerous G'uold of the all. Being a Harises was an abomination in G'uolds eyes and should instantly be put to death. But why did this G'uold spared him and why is this one different from the rest?

Dark and Forbidden

(Vegeta X Goku)

Another AU taken in 1300's where a demonic figure attacks the village and made a contact with a pregnant woman who was beaten by an abusive leader of the village. Her unborn son was dead in her womb. Vegeta, a terrifying demonic figure famed for his merciless pillage, war and taste for blood, offers a contact in return for bringing her dead unborn back to life. Then strange things happens in the village from there on out.

What Goes on in the Dark

(Vegeta X Goku)

Shiki version. Vegeta is a teen who moved into a quiet village a few weeks ago. Starting a new term in school and a blue-haired girl with a hard-driven crush to the point of stalking him. He made a new friend in school, which Vegeta had not initially planned. New neighbors moved in the village and, one by one, the villagers fell ill. Eventually, Bulma and Vegeta's new friend became ill and died. Then who's that knocking on his window at night?

When Universes Collides...

(Vegeta X Goku, Vegeta X Vegeta)

An AU mixed with the current DBZ timeline.

We all seen the DBZ, right? Well, what if Vegeta blew up Freeza's ship during the destruction of Vegetasei? And how does this changed Vegeta's life in the alternate universe? Then what events happened that caused the collision of two universes, hence thereby allowing two Vegeta(s) coexist on the same plane of existence?

Vegeta's 'More of Us'

(Vegeta X Bulma, Unrequited love, eventual yaoi)

Vegeta is met with an unrequited love during the Freeza's saga and this eventually led him to drastic measures. One day, when Vegeta reside at CC, overhearing Bulma's conversation with Goku about being a sperm donor for creating a heir for her company. Goku was reluctant but obliged and Bulma kept the miniture container, listing Goku as the sperm donor, in the storage fridge. Vegeta sneaks in and stole it. (Don't judge me, don't even judge me!) From there point on, it was one crisis after another.

Little Stray Koi

(Vegeta X Goku)

Another AU. This time, it's a Neko story. Goku picks up a bloodied, beaten black kitty in the alley. He picks it up and takes it home. Goku tend to the kitty's wounds and looks after it. One night, under a full moon, the kitty's form glows and takes shape of a humanoid. The figure smirks under the moonlight, licking his lips as he stare down his sleeping master, "Me~ow."

Return of the Majin Prince

(Majin Vegeta X Vegeta)

This one was.... confusing. Mostly because I haven't had the whole story down. Basically, someone from an AU timeline seek out Vegeta in the current timeline and summons the Majin from the roots of his soul and this person (will not reveal) brough Majin Vegeta to a different timeline where Vegetasei exist and a younger Vegeta was confined to the dungeon for leading a rebellion against his father, King Vegeta. Majin Vegeta takes over but not without pulling a few strings of his own, slowly bending the politics and people of Vegetasei to his will.

In The End...

(Vegeta X Vegeta)

Bulma made a new invention for Vegeta's Gravity Room. One which can hold Vegeta's energy balls that will never dissipate over time. Vegeta made four ki balls and store them in the container. One night, Vegeta enters into heat and cut off from his own ki. Driven by madness and lust, he came up with a startling dangerous idea. All it requires is a small amount of ki - to make his own lover. He heads toward the Gravity Room where the container stores four ki balls.

Opposite Attracts

(Vegeta X Goku)

Accel World version. AU. Takes place in a futuristic setting where everyone have a implant in their body, allowing to pull up a computer screen whenever they want in classroom, home, etc. A freshman in high school, a chubby teen is isolated from everyone. No one bothers to eat with him, socialize with him, or even chat with him. So, Goku heads to the bathroom during lunch to eat his meal and he pull up a computer screen and enters the gaming world where he can escape from his reality. The next day, Goku recieved an invitation to the senior lunch place and he meets a strange character which will change his life forever.


(Vegeta X Goku)

Derived from an anime show called 'Another,' a freshman student, Vegeta, transfers to his new school, he can sense something frightening in the atmosphere of his new class, a secret none of them will talk about. At the center is the a handsome teen none other than Kakarott. Vegeta is immediately drawn to Kakarott's mysterious aura. Vegeta soon realize that no one else in the class is aware of Kakarott's presence.


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